International 8 Ball Referee

International Eight Ball Pool Rules

International Eight Ball Rules Calls Action

1. Spirit Of The Game

2. Equipment & Table Layout

3. The Object Of The Game

4. The Break

5. The Rack

6. In Play

6a. Deciding groups

6b. Continuing a frame

6c. Combination shots

6d. Loss of turn

  • CALL: Loss of turn.
    ACTION: n/a

6e. Standard fouls

6e Standard fouls – Shall be called as soon as they occur, the fouling player is in control until all balls from that shot have come to rest. The incoming player is awarded one visit and a cue ball in hand, which can be:
a) Played from its current position, or
b) Placed anywhere on the playing surface.”

  • CALL: Foul, ball in hand,
    ACTION:  retrieve and offer the cue ball to the incoming player,
  • CALL: time running.

6f. Loss of frame fouls

  • CALL: Foul, loss of frame,
    ACTION: Proceed to rack the balls for the next frame.

6g. Stalemate situation

  • ACTION: CALL: Timeout, evaluate the table as to whether a shot is possible for the incoming player,
    CALL: (Stalemate / No stalemate, time running)

6h. Frozen balls

  • ACTION: CALL: Timeout, evaluate the frozen ball/s,
    CALL: Frozen ball,
    ACTION: with an indication as to which ball is touching the cushion.

6i. Outside interference

6j. Shot clock

6k. Balls falling into a pocket

6l. Balls off the playing surface

6m. Re-spotting balls

6n. Players’ responsibility

6o. Touching balls

6p. Legal shot

6q. Simultaneous contact

7. Completion of a Frame