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International Eight Ball Pool Rules

International Eight Ball Rules Quick Start

International Eight Ball Rules Quick Start (Revision 2c – May 2023).

In summary…
1. Players must lag to decide who breaks first.
See Rules 4a, 4b, 4c & 4d

2. When breaking, one point is scored for a pot or if an object ball completely crosses the imaginary line between the centre pockets when the break is played according to a three-point regulation. A ball that crosses the imaginary line and is subsequently pocketed is worth one point.
See Rule 4f
The flowchart at the end of this document will describe the sequence of events for most scenarios/outcomes with regard to the break.

3. The table is OPEN following the break; the first ball to be potted legally decides the group; if a player pots one of each group in the same shot, the choice of group will be regarded as the group that was struck first.
See Rule 6a (2) & 6a (4)

4. What is regarded as a LOSS OF TURN? Accidentally potting an opponent’s ball OR failure to execute a successful combination shot OR Contacting the ‘on’ ball first then potting an opponent’s ball (Referred to as a ‘Tactical shot’).
The Incoming player must always play the cue ball from its current position.
See Rule 6d

5. Failure to make a genuine attempt to play a shot is ‘LOSS OF FRAME’.
See Rule 6f (5)

6. All ‘standard fouls’ are ‘cue ball in hand’ and can be played in situ (unless touching ball) or placed anywhere on the playing surface.
See Rule 6e

7. If an object ball is potted or any object ball strikes a cushion after contact with the ball ‘on’, it is considered a ‘legal shot’.
See Rule 6p

8. A stalemate is only guaranteed when no legal shot can be played, in other words, if there’s a gap for the cue ball and ball ‘on’, you play the shot. A stalemate will result in a re-rack and the original breaker restarts the frame.
See Rule 6g

9. A frozen ball MUST be confirmed by the players or a referee before any shot can be played where the frozen ball may be contacted directly as the ball ‘on’.
See Rule 6h

10. When a match is timed – each player has 45 seconds to play a shot. At 5 seconds remaining a countdown will begin. If the time elapses and the cue ball has not been struck, a ‘time foul’ will be called. Each player will be given one time extension per frame.
See Rule 6j

11. A frame is over when the eight-ball is potted on a ‘legal shot’. All the group colours of the player at the table must have been potted before attempting a shot at the eight-ball.
See Rule 6f (4) & Rule 7

International Eight Ball Rules Quick Start

The International Eight Ball Pool rules are played at the World Eightball Pool Federation Championships (WEPF) and the Australian Eight Ball Federation Championships (AEBF).

International Rules v2c (May 2023) Quick Start Guide