International 8 Ball Referee

International Eight Ball Pool Rules

6m Re-spotting Balls

In the event that the eight-ball is potted off the break, an/or object balls come off the table, they must be re-spotted on the eight-ball mark, or as close to it in a direct line along the lengthwise centre-line of the table towards the top cushion.

The balls are placed in the following priority order where applicable and must not be touching any other balls, but be as close as possible:

  1. Eight ball
  2. Red ball(s)
  3. Yellow balls(s)

In the event that there is not enough space to re-spot all of the balls between the eight-ball spot and the top cushion, the same process can then be applied in the opposite direction at the front of the rack, starting from the eight-ball spot and placing balls towards the baulk cushion, starting with the eight-ball, then reds and then yellows.