International 8 Ball Referee

International Eight Ball Pool Rules

4f Three Point Break

The break is only deemed legal if the breaking player scores at least 3 points from their break shot. Each ball that crosses the imaginary centre-line of the table between the centres of the two middle pockets counts for one point and also each object ball potted (including the eight-ball). Each ball can only be counted once.

Failure to perform a legal break is an automatic re-rack with the other player having the choice of who breaks.

The red ball has NOT completely crossed the centre-line of the table, so it does not count for a point.

The three yellow balls all count for one point each:

  1. Yellow ball 1 counts because it has come to rest past the centre-line.
  2. Yellow ball 2 counts because even though it came to rest on the rack side of the centre-line, it travelled across the centre-line and back again, so it crossed the line. Note – this might equally happen if a ball catches the low knuckle of a middle pocket.
  3. Yellow ball 3 counts because it was potted, but it ONLY COUNTS ONCE. We do not give it 2 points for crossing the centre-line and being potted.