International 8 Ball Referee

International Eight Ball Pool Rules

2. Equipment Table Cushions

There has often been some confusion regarding which end of the table is the ‘top’ and which end is the ‘bottom’.

The concept of top and bottom comes from Billiards where the majority of points scored by skilled players happens around the ‘black spot’ of the table (so, therefore known as the ‘top’ of the table) and has cascaded down into almost all cue sports.

Sometimes in sports commentary on the TV, the ends may be swapped over, because that’s how they appear on the television from the usual camera angle facing up the screen towards baulk.

The correct end for the ‘top’ cushion is the end nearest the eight-ball spot, because we break ‘up’ the table, and the bottom cushion may also be referred to as the baulk cushion.

  • The Top Cushion is the Rack Cushion
  • The Bottom Cushion is the Bauk Cushion